About: My Peeps

One of the best parts of my job is the opportunity to work with so many cool people. Here is a partial list of the peeps I’m working with lately, plus some I’ve worked with in the past who’ve played a big role in my career. (If you’re not on this list and should be, it’s because my R.A. hasn’t found your website yet. Email a link to me!)

My Mentors:

George Loewenstein Bob Arnold David Asch

Mark Siegler John Lantos Jon Baron

Former Mentees:

Angie Fagerlin Scott Halpern Brian Zikmund-Fisher
Laura Scherer Reshma Jagsi Michael Volk
Heather Pond Lacey Dave Comerford Dylan Smith
Andrea Angott



Current Students and Mentees

  • Avni Shah
  • Troy Campbell
  • Danielle Brick
  • Peggy Liu
  • Tom LeBlanc
  • Clara Lee
  • Karen Scherr
  • Lillie Williamson