Free Market Madness: Media Coverage

“Analyzing Obama’s Town Hall Meeting” on NPR’s The Takeaway–6/25/2009

John Hockenberry and Chelsea Merz asked me back on the show to assess President Obama’s recent town hall meeting about healthcare reform.

“V.A. Hospitals: A Good Model for Health Care?” on NPR’s The Takeaway–6/23/2009

“Risky Business: Health Risk, Relativity, and Perception” on Patt Morrison–3/31/2009

Patt Morrison of KPCC Radio in Southern California talks to me about how people make various rational and irrational decisions in their lives.

The Faith Middleton Show–2/23/2009

WNPR’s Faith MIddleton of Connecticut Public Radio discusses Free Market Madness. (My interview starts 34 minutes into the show).

The Engaging Brand–2/20/2009

Listen as Anna Farmery drills me on how my book is applicable in the business world.

“Economic Free-For-All” on SqueezePlay–2/12/2009

Watch my guest appearance on the Business News Network’s show, SqueezePlay, with Amanda Lang and Kevin O’Leary.

Harvard Business Press–1/26/2009

Listen to my podcast with Paul Michelman.

MASTERMIND: Dr. Peter Ubel–10/1/2008

Jeff Meyers of Concentrate Media picks my brain!

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