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Is Your Local Hospital About To Close? Here Is How Congress Can Help

Rural hospitals have been closing at alarming rates, no longer able to bring in enough revenue to serve their communities. Fortunately, there is something both state and federal legislators can do to keep local hospitals open. State governments: if you haven’t expanded … Continue reading

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A Moderate Republican Plan To Fix American Healthcare: ‘Medicare For All’?

Everyone thinks of “Medicare for All” as a liberal idea, an extremely liberal one embraced by the socialist wing of the Democratic Party. It’s an idea Democrats were hesitant to embrace in the Obama era, for being too far out … Continue reading

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Measures of Physician Quality Don’t Measure Up

Physician reimbursement increasingly depends upon measures of healthcare quality. Physicians who fall short on quality measures now face financial penalties. But it might be quality measures, themselves, that are falling short, according to a study conducted by the American College Physicians. … Continue reading

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Graphic Cigarette Labels Work!

Warning – the warning labels pictured below are graphic but, according to a recent study, they increase the chances that people will quit smoking. Now we need to find a way to get legal permission to use such pictures, so … Continue reading

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The Key to Surviving Your Hospital Stay? Get Admitted During Inspection Season

A fascinating study from JAMA Internal Medicine shows that hospital mortality rates decline when hospitals are being inspected by The Joint Commission, a national accrediting agency. Here’s a picture showing the research findings: Which raises the question – is there a … Continue reading

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Preparing Business Students for Jobs in Healthcare

Here is the beginning of my recent interview in Delta Sky Magazine where I discuss preparing business school students for future work in the healthcare industry. As a physician, how does your medical background shape the way you teach your … Continue reading

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Finally: Something Republicans and Democrats Can Agree On

The United States Medicare program is forbidden, by law, from negotiating with pharmaceutical companies. This was part of a negotiation that was reached at the time that the government, under the leadership of George W. Bush, created Medicare Part D, … Continue reading

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Are Device Manufacturers Playing Bait-And-Switch with the FDA?

The problem with the FDA is that if often requires so much proof of safety and effectiveness that the time it takes to bring a new product to market can grow by 3, 4, or even more years. FDA delays … Continue reading

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Is the Government Trying to Make Us Fat?

The FDA has proposed new labels on grocery store food products, that adjust serving sizes to more accurately capture what Americans eat. Research I conducted with Steven Dallas and Peggy Liu suggests these labels could be a problem. Here is … Continue reading

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Your New Liver Is Only a Learjet Away: Part 3 of 3

As I have described in two earlier posts, here and here, the transplant system in the US suffers from terrible geographic disparities. People needing liver transplants in Northern California wait more than six years on average for an organ to … Continue reading

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