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Medicaid: It’s an Antipoverty Program, Stupid!

The first time Bill Clinton ran for president, his campaign chair was determined to keep the famously verbose candidate focused on one topic. So he coined a phrase:  “It’s the economy, stupid!” That phrase comes to mind when I think … Continue reading

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Uncovered: In America, Insurance Doesn’t Guarantee Access and Coverage Doesn’t Mean You’re Covered

Something like one in seven people living in the US have no healthcare insurance. In fact, the number of uninsured people has grown by 7 million since Trump has become president. (Make America Uninsured Again?) These numbers are atrocious. Embarrassing. Shameful, actually, … Continue reading

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Doctors Without Appointments

Jill Ladkin was already having a terrible autumn. It began with a seizure that put her in the hospital with what seemed like scores of unfamiliar physicians attending to her state of health. The brain scan revealed a mass in the lining … Continue reading

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Insurers Are Not Paying Enough For HPV Vaccines – And Our Kids Are Paying The Price

The HPV vaccine saves lives. It does so by reducing a person’s chance of being infected by the human papilloma virus, a virus that causes a whole range of cancers including, most importantly, cervical cancer. Vaccinate your teenage daughter against … Continue reading

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A Surprisingly Easy Way To Become Happier

What makes people happy? A load of studies tell us that human interaction is key to our happiness. But what kind of interactions matter?  And does interaction increase everyone’s happiness, or is it something primarily beneficial to extraverts? A fantastic study set out to … Continue reading

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Five Warning Signs Your Doctor Was Too Quick To Diagnose You With High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is the silent killer. It puts people at risk for heart attacks, strokes, vascular disease, kidney failure…it is basically really bad to have longstanding, undertreated high blood pressure. But it is also harmful to be told you … Continue reading

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Sleepless in the Hospital 

Here’s a great New York Times article, highlighting some of the ways people like me think hospitals should help their patients sleep: If part of a hospital stay is to recover from a procedure or illness, why is it so hard … Continue reading

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Graphic Cigarette Labels Work!

Warning – the warning labels pictured below are graphic but, according to a recent study, they increase the chances that people will quit smoking. Now we need to find a way to get legal permission to use such pictures, so … Continue reading

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The Key to Surviving Your Hospital Stay? Get Admitted During Inspection Season

A fascinating study from JAMA Internal Medicine shows that hospital mortality rates decline when hospitals are being inspected by The Joint Commission, a national accrediting agency. Here’s a picture showing the research findings: Which raises the question – is there a … Continue reading

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Does a Church Service a Week Keep the Doctor Away?

Religious belief has many health benefits. For some people, religious belief reduces existential angst, the reduction in stress leading to lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system. For others, religious belief gives their lives purpose, that purpose motivating them … Continue reading

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