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Carbs = Bad!

A recent study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine showed that that old advice – to avoid fat and cholesterol in your diet lest you become a fat person with high cholesterol – is wrong. Instead, it is carbohydrates … Continue reading

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Tobacco is Taking Over the World!

We’ve done a lot of things in the United States over the last few decades to curb tobacco consumption. We’ve warned people cigarettes will kill them, created persuasive ad campaigns to scare people away from cigarettes, and added a hefty … Continue reading

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Why Desserts Are Irresistible

It all comes down to willpower, right?  Strength of purpose.  Muster the resolve to skip dessert, and you have a shot at losing that spare tire hanging off your belly.  Succumb to your temptations, however, and you are simply being … Continue reading

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Obesity Is the Future of Chronic Disease

In a recent post, I excoriated athletes like LeBron James and Peyton Manning for endorsing unhealthy junk foods – for fattening their wallets by fattening our population. A recent study in Health Affairs provides a powerful illustration of the future effects of these fatty foods. The study is a rather … Continue reading

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On Being a Parent to Someone with Schizophrenia

I have been pulling a lot of quotes, recently, from Andrew Solomon’s Far From the Tree.  The book is wonderful, although too long. It could have used a more aggressive editor.  Nevertheless, it is chock full of great stories and … Continue reading

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A Thought on Mental Illness

  Freedom to be insane is an illusory freedom, a cruel hoax perpetrated on those who cannot think clearly by those who will not think clearly. -E. Fuller Torrey (Click here to view comments)

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Why I’m Not Sad That I Can’t Fly

I remember one time having a conversation with Daniel Kahneman, one of the founders of behavioral economics, about the topic of happiness and emotional adaptation, in the context of chronic disability. We were discussing emotional impact of experiencing a limb … Continue reading

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Obesity Really DOES Kill

There has been controversy recently about whether obesity is truly bad for people’s health, or in fact whether it might even protect people from early mortality. A study  from the New England Journal in January provides strong evidence that obesity … Continue reading

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Why You Should Know the Cost of Your Medical Treatments

Check out this WHYY Radio Times segment I participated in on health care price transparency: When it comes to the cost of treating an illness, do you know how much your care costs? Many experts believe if patients would be … Continue reading

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Health and Happiness: A Global Perspective

As a physician and behavioral scientist, I am always interested to explore the connection between psychological well-being and health. Which is why I have decided to share recent findings from a study, published in Psychological Science, that presents data from … Continue reading

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