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Even College Students Care about Healthcare Price Transparency!

Here is an article from the University of Indiana student newspaper, showing that even young adults in United States realize we have a price transparency problem in the U.S. healthcare system. Very exciting to see how many people care about … Continue reading

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Copay Assistance Controversy Continues

My article with Peter Bach of Memorial Sloan Kettering continues to generate debate. The two of us argues that copay assistance programs from pharmaceutical companies help specific patients in the short run, but make it easier for drug companies to … Continue reading

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Why The Government Tried To Fix Primary Care And Failed

Americans spend more per-capita on medical care than just about any other country and, yet, they often have little to show for it. Americans have worse access to care than people in other countries, and are often less likely to … Continue reading

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Copay Assistance – Good For Patients, Bad For Prices

Peter Bach and I have an essay in the Annals of Internal Medicine laying out some of the problems with pharmaceutical funded copay assistance programs. Check it out.    

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Cancer: A Disease of the Young?!?

If you only paid attention to popular media, you’d think cancers primarily strike young people. Here’s a picture from a medical journal contrasting media coverage of cancer to actual occurrence of cancer in younger and older people:  

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Your Environment is What You Eat

If you eat lots of meat, then you are contributing to global warming. Animals like cows require lots of grain, and they emit lots of methane; therefore, demand for hamburger increases CO2 emissions. Here’s a picture from the Washington Post … Continue reading

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Don’t Let Your Physician Tell You What To Do Without Finding Out Your Goals

A recent study of men with early-stage prostate cancer found no difference in 10-year death rates, regardless of whether their doctors actively monitored the cancers for signs of growth or eradicated the men’s cancers with surgery or radiation. What does … Continue reading

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Who’s Paying Out-of-Pocket for Medical Care

Many Americans are buying healthcare insurance that asks them to pay a lot, out-of-pocket, for the care they receive. It looks like that trend, towards higher expenses, is especially common among higher income folks, as shown by this picture courtesy … Continue reading

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The Silent, Terrible Toll of Sexual Harassment in Medical Schools

It is hard for any physician to advance as a medical researcher. Competition for research funding is fierce; the rigors of publishing in prestigious medical journals are gargantuan. And women pursuing such careers face even bigger challenges, with many having … Continue reading

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America Is Number…5 Out Of 5?

Here’s a picture from @RAdamsDudleyMD, one that, sadly, is consistent with many previous studies. The US doesn’t measure up in giving people access to medical care.

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