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So Much for the Job Killing Effects of Obamacare

Despite passionate warnings that the Affordable Care Act would demolish the American economy, things haven’t exactly turned out that way. Here is evidence Dan Diamond circulated a while back. Dan is someone I suggest you follow on Twitter if you … Continue reading

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Action Movies Create Couch Potatoes

ICYMI: When people watch action movies, they consume more calories.

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Cancer Drugs Aren’t As Cost-Effective As They Used To Be

Cancer drugs have become increasingly expensive in recent years. No one blinks anymore when a new lung cancer or colon cancer treatment comes to market priced at more than $100,000 per patient. In part, we don’t blink because we have … Continue reading

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Want to Pay Higher Prices? Try a For-Profit Hospital!

If she had been eligible for Medicare, the hospital would have charged the government $10,000 for the services it provided to her, with Medicare picking up most of the tab. But lacking insurance, she was billed directly from the hospital, … Continue reading

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What’s a Fair Price for a Medication?

  Greedy pharma execs have been in the news of late. Here is a story on the topic, from Wired. The reporter misquotes me. I never said Apple could make profits selling iPhones for $10. I said that even if … Continue reading

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Are Medicare Prescription Benefits Too Stingy?

The bill she received in the mail revealed a staggering figure — $9,225 for one infusion of Avastin, a chemotherapy drug. And she would need many more such infusions. Fortunately, the dollar amount is what medical experts call a “charge,” … Continue reading

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More on Merger Mania

I recently wrote something in Forbes about all the mergers going on in the U.S. healthcare industry. Well here is a nice article about the growth of the healthcare system in Western North Carolina, that explores some of the same … Continue reading

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Merger Mania in Medicine — What Will It Cost Us?

The federal government is currently debating whether the big six health insurance companies in the U.S. will soon become the big four. Aetna and Humana have announced plans to merge, as have Anthem and Cigna. The American Hospital Association and … Continue reading

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Does Africa Have an Overeating Problem?

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Would This Picture Help You Shop for a Doctor?

Attention all you design and #nudge fans. Here is a graphic from ProPublica that attempts to help people choose a physician. Do you think it works? What would you do to improve it?

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