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An Easy (But Politically Complicated) Way To Save Billions Of Dollars On Medical Care

I sometimes worry that my wife Paula won’t be able to see me grow old. Not that I expect to outlive her. She is four years my junior and has the blood pressure of a 17-year-old track star. It’s her … Continue reading

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Specialty Drugs at Especially High Prices

There have been many wonderful new medications in the past decade or so, drugs that finally bring hope for many people with serious illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis and even some advanced cancers. But these drugs often come at … Continue reading

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Peer Comparison Can Reduce Antibiotic Prescribing

Very interesting article in the Lancet recently, from the nudge unit in the United Kingdom. They give physicians feedback on how much they prescribed antibiotics compared to their peers, and found that such feedback reduced antibiotic prescriptions. I hope to … Continue reading

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Sexual Harassment in the Medical Profession

Here is a report from a study I collaborated on, led by the amazing Reshma Jagsi, a physician at the University of Michigan. It reveals just how common it is for female academic physicians to report experiencing sexual harassment in … Continue reading

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Here’s Why Insulin Is So Expensive, And How To Reduce Its Price

She drew the life-saving medication into the syringe, just 10cc of colorless fluid for the everyday low price of, gulp, several hundred dollars. Was that a new chemotherapy, specially designed for her tumor? Was it a “specialty drug,” to treat … Continue reading

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See Mom, I CAN Teach!

I got a really nice email the other day, from one of the provosts at my university. Here is the highlight: “During the 2015 fall semester, in the categories of Quality of Course and/or Intellectual Stimulation, your course evaluations were … Continue reading

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Should You Want a Robot to Do Your Surgery?

Karen Scherr, an MD PhD student working with me, just published a paper showing that physicians don’t always give patients objective advice about the pros and cons of robotic surgery. Here is a news story on her work: Duke University research … Continue reading

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The Majority of Doctors in the Majority of Specialties – Are Experiencing Burnout

And the problem is getting worse with time!

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Doctor Knows Best?

Here is a write-up of a talk I recently gave at the NIH. The topic is a good one, about doctors and decision making and all that crap. But the real importance of linking you to the story is to … Continue reading

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Marketing 101

Brilliant graphic, courtesy of @Brilliant_Ads

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