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A Patient Complained about the Cost of Her Medical Care. Here’s How Her Doctor Responded.

The oncologist had prescribed Xgeva hoping it would strengthen her bones while also delaying the progression of Angela Kahn’s breast cancer. But Kahn (a pseudonym) couldn’t get over the price of the drug. Before the oncologist had a chance to … Continue reading

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How Doctors Turn Patients into Lobbyists

I recently spoke with a Washington Post reporter about a troubling practice. Physicians convince their patients to sign letters to influence public policies the patients often don’t understand. Here is the beginning of that piece. Check it out: A proposal … Continue reading

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Nudging Docs with Threatening Letters

I recently spoke with Margot Sanger-Katz at the New York Times. She’s an awesome healthcare reporter. She wrote a nice piece on some recent nudging research. Here’s the beginning of the article to whet your appetite: The letters doctors received … Continue reading

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Making Money by Getting an MRI?

Usually it costs money to get an MRI. But sometimes, in order to save money, insurance companies pay patients to seek less expensive medical care providers. Here is an excellent news report on the topic from The News & Observer: … Continue reading

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Emergency Room Prices: They Are Outrageous, But I Am Not Blaming ER Clinicians

Shutterstock Recently I posted a piece, describing research out of Johns Hopkins, showing that when patients come to ERs – either with no insurance or insurance that is out-of-network – they often face charges that are four, six, or even ten-fold greater … Continue reading

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More Young People Die in America than in Other Rich Countries (Two Pictures Explain Why)

Shutterstock The average life expectancy of American men is almost four years less than men in Switzerland. In fact, among 17 high income countries, U.S. men ranked 17th in life expectancy. American women die young, too, with a life expectancy five years … Continue reading

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Think Fast and You’ll Lose Money Quickly (A Behavioral Economics Explanation of Irrational Gambling)

Shutterstock I have just given you $78. (I’m a generous guy.) Now I’m giving you a choice: you can enter a lottery where you have a 75% chance of losing that $78 and a 25% of keeping it, or you … Continue reading

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The Most Potent Prescription Ever: Take Time for Yourself, As Directed by Your Doctor

Dr. Norah Neylon was caring for a 50-year-old woman who was overwhelmed with care-giving responsibilities of her own. The woman’s mother was experiencing early signs of dementia. Five of her relatives had died in the past three years. She frequently … Continue reading

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Obamacare Is Experimenting on Us (Does That Make Us Frankenstein or Fusilli?)

(Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Obamacare is a large, unwieldy law. Despite its complexity, most people are familiar with its most important elements. They know it created a marketplace where people can shop for healthcare insurance; many are even aware … Continue reading

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Frank Thomas – Baseball’s ‘Big Hurt’ – Hurts People by Promoting Harmful Supplements

(AP Photo/Kathy Willens) Frank Thomas is a 6 foot 5 inch hulk of a man, the 7th player in MLB history to retire with a batting average greater than .300 and more than 500 home runs. He was also thought of … Continue reading

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