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Who Receives More Wasteful Care: Medicaid Enrollees or People with Private Insurance?

Some medical services are unnecessary. Is it your first day of uncomplicated lower back pain? You don’t need an x-ray. But many patients continue to receive such services anyway, perhaps because they demand them or, perhaps, because their providers keep recommending … Continue reading

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How to Stop Breast Cancer Surgeons from Overtreating Their Patients

A study shows that a medication causes more harms than benefits, and physicians like me keep prescribing the pill anyway, either because we don’t learn about the study, don’t believe the study or are simply stuck in our ways. Even … Continue reading

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That Heart Attack Is Going to Cost You

Health insurance is not what it used to be. With increasing frequency, Americans who purchase private health insurance find themselves with plans that require them to fork over significant amounts of money every time they receive healthcare. That means if … Continue reading

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Finally! Starting to Study Food Waste

In developed countries, upwards of 65% of food is wasted, meaning that somewhere from farm to table it ends up in the trash. Fortunately, researchers are finally beginning to study the problem:  

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What Will It Take to Keep People from Gaining Weight?

Losing weight is hard. And keeping it off once you’ve lost it–that’s probably even harder. Just ask Oprah. So maybe those of us who are overweight or obese should simply focus on not gaining more weight than we’ve already gained. … Continue reading

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The Cost of New Cancer Drugs (In One Picture)

“Specialty drugs” – that’s what they’re called. Not the pills of old, these pharmaceuticals are often given intravenously or through injection. Often more biologic in their synthesis than chemical, they are expensive to produce and often target narrow disease processes, … Continue reading

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Medical Debt Demystified (What You Owe Isn’t Necessarily What You Owe)

When Lorie Duff was pregnant with her third child, she did what all good moms are supposed to do. She went to the ObGyn clinic for prenatal care. But she fell behind on the clinic payments. She only made about … Continue reading

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Obamacare Insurance Premiums – Not Growing Too Fast

Here’s a picture from a New England Journal of Medicine article showing that in 2015 and 2016, Obamacare premiums grew more slowly than private insurance premiums rose before the law came into effect: The Obamacare markets are new and unsettled. … Continue reading

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What Is Maddening about Pharmaceutical Prices?

Imagine that you are gasping for breath, literally on the verge of death. Then someone injects you with a medicine and – miracle! – you are perfectly healthy again. Would you pay $300 for that injection? The treatment is epinephrine; … Continue reading

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What Are the Biggest Forces Driving Change in the Healthcare Marketplace?

Here is what one group of experts thought:

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