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How to Stop Over-Eating — Lessons from Brain Science

Put our brains into the modern food environment, and you have a recipe for disaster. Our brains are hardwired to crave calorie-dense foods, this craving no doubt arising from our evolutionary time spent on the Tundra where calories were often … Continue reading

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The Relentless Rise of Healthcare Expenditures

Need I say more?

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Turmoil in the Obamacare Exchanges

Here is a nice story from a NC news station explaining the turmoil in the exchanges, with Aetna pulling out of many markets. Worth a quick read. North Carolina consumers buying broadly subsidized health insurance policies on the online marketplace … Continue reading

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Could a Zika Epidemic Be the Key to a Trump Victory?

Platforms and popularity ratings; policies and debate performances; PAC funding and get-out-the-vote efforts – so many factors can make the difference in a close election. But uncontrollable world events can tip elections too. In fact, Donald Trump’s election chances may … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Have Employer Insurance, You Probably Have a High Deductible

Most people in the United States get health insurance either through their employer or through government programs like Medicare and Medicaid. But some people have to find other ways to get healthcare insurance, with an increasing number of people doing … Continue reading

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Your Physician Can’t See You Yet – She’s Busy Filling Out Paperwork!

Left to our own devices, most of us physicians try our best to provide high quality care to our patients. But almost none of us provide perfect care to all of our patients all of the time. In fact, many … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Healthcare, Republicans Have a Trust Problem

Here is some polling data, on a wide range of health and healthcare issues. It shows pretty consistently that Americans trust Democrats more than Republicans on these issues: I think it’s time for Republicans to move beyond “repeal and replace” … Continue reading

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How to Figure Out the Cost of Your Medical Care

  Here is a link to an article from CBS News with some very practical advice on this thorny topic. I’m excited to say that some of our research on physician/patient communication was mentioned in the article. Enjoy it! If … Continue reading

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Ineffective Nudge?

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Is The Golden Era of Pharmaceutical Profits Over?

For decades, the pharmaceutical industry has been highly profitable. The recipe for such profits has been pretty simple for most of the last half-century–discover a chemical or molecule that treats a common problem, like hypertension or diabetes or erectile dysfunction, … Continue reading

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