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Goodbye Crop Diversity

Here’s a picture from National Geographic showing a stunning decline in the genetic diversity of crops: This is dangerous – diversity is key to avoiding crop failures from disease and pestilence.

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Rural Voters Elected President Trump. Is He about to Ruin Their Local Hospitals?

It’s not an easy time to be a small, rural hospital. Insurance companies aren’t willing to pay generously for your services, given your measly market share. You are increasingly forced to compete against large integrated healthcare systems – conglomerations of … Continue reading

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How Well Do Americans Meet Dietary Requirements?

A JAMA study shows that even though Americans are eating more nuts and whole grains than they used to (see previous post), they aren’t coming CLOSE to meeting dietary requirements: Changing what people eat takes a long time!

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Death By Salad: Two Reasons ‘Healthy’ Food Could Make You Fat

In an effort to lose weight, you pass on the steak sizzler at your favorite family restaurant and settle, instead, for a healthy salad. But you might be in for a dieting double whammy. First off, the salad probably has … Continue reading

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Costs, Schmosts!

Talk to your doctor about your out-of-pocket expenses. Ask about the cost of your meds. And await for the sound of silence! Sadly, that is too often what happens in medical clinics today. Here is a nice essay, exploring the … Continue reading

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Medicare Is Reducing the Cost of Knee Replacements (Here’s How That Could Backfire)

Knee replacements are booming. Between 2005 and 2015, the number of knee replacement procedures in the United States doubled, to more than one million. Experts think the figure might rise sixfold more in the next couple decades, because of our … Continue reading

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Video Discussion of Healthy Eatin’

It is gratifying to occasionally see some of my blog posts picked up and developed by other folks, to spread the word about the topics I care about. Here is a blog post, and a video, that expands on one … Continue reading

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The Right to Healthcare—Both Liberals and Conservatives Should Be Able to Make This Happen!

Here is an article in the Duke University student newspaper, summarizing a public forum I led last night. Really nice summary—almost makes me sound coherent! In the midst of an ongoing debate about the future of the nation’s health care system, … Continue reading

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What Americans Are Eating – Now vs 2000

A JAMA study shows how our diets have changed since 2000. The big winners? Nuts Whole grains Whole fruits The big losers? Sugar sweetened beverages Fruit juice White potatoes Maybe there’s hope for us after all?

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My Dad Makes the News. Kind of…

When I graduated from college, I was chosen as one of the commencement speakers. In my speech, I pretended to be reading a letter I wrote to my father. My dad came to the graduation, completely unaware of my speech. … Continue reading

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