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Got a Big Belly? (Why Big Sugar Is to Blame)

Photo Credit: LOIC VENANCE/AFP/Getty Images Growing up Republican, I have long believed in personal responsibility. In junior high school, when I observed close relatives who struggled with obesity, I vowed to never let myself get out of shape. (“Junior high” … Continue reading

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The Biggest Problem with Obamacare? People Didn’t Know What the Law Accomplished!

Obamacare dramatically reduced the number of people in United States who lack health insurance. Reduced as in: brought the proportion down to historical lows. Yet very few Americans knew this about the law, which is part of the reason why … Continue reading

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What do people want Trump to do with our healthcare system?

Here’s a picture from the Kaiser Family Foundation from late last year, showing what people want done to improve the US healthcare system: Plenty of work to do!

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Medical Malpractice – Who’s Being Sued and What Is It Costing

Shutterstock A baby is born. The delivery was rocky, with the infant’s heart rate showing occasional signs of distress. Later, the parents learn that their child has cerebral palsy, and may never walk normally. Was the obstetrician to blame and, … Continue reading

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HIV – The Epidemic Isn’t Over

We have great medications to treat HIV infections today, but the best medicine is to not need medicine – to not get infected in the first place. But according to an article in JAMA, HIV transmission is rising among gay … Continue reading

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Is Peer Pressure to Increase Physician Performance Overrated?

Shutterstock It has become trendy in health policy circles to believe that behavioral economic interventions are the key to health system improvement. After all, traditional economic interventions like pay per performance have generated underwhelming results, with little or no change … Continue reading

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Not the Media Coverage I Expected

I was recently quoted in an article about opioid addiction in what looks like a far-right website. Not surprisingly, they took my quote out of context. They quote me, quoting some other people I disagree with, and then use that … Continue reading

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The Primary Care Doctor Is Not In

In a clever study, secret shoppers called primary care offices in an attempt to make a new patient appointment. People with Obamacare insurance, or “marketplace plans” in the below figure, had a hard time finding appointments. But so did people … Continue reading

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More Medical Marijuana, Less Narcotics

Shutterstock Legalizing medical marijuana is controversial. Physicians have not always prescribed controlled substances wisely, as a look at our narcotic epidemic confirms. But marijuana is much safer than narcotics and, according to a recent study, might even save us money, … Continue reading

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Doctors with Strong Financial Ties to Pharma Are Found More Likely to Prescribe Brand-Name Drugs

Shutterstock Generic cholesterol pills are probably better for most patients than brand-name medications because the lower cost of generics increases the chance the patients will take the pills every day. Yet some physicians primarily prescribe expensive brand-name drugs like Lipitor … Continue reading

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