What the World Got Wrong About Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius

Lance Armstrong cheated and bullied. These are not shocking revelations. Oscar Pistorius had a history of altercations with his girlfriend and is now accused of murder. More shocking, by far, but hardly the first athlete to be accused of such wrong doing.

Should we be so thoroughly shocked to find out the Armstrong and Pistorius are deeply flawed? Remember: the same traits that make people successful as elite athletes—obsessive focus, unrelenting ambition—can also make them rotten human beings.

Yet, we suppressed thoughts of Armstrong ‘s jerkiness because he is a cancer survivor. And we didn’t focus on Pistorius’s previous bad behavior because he is a double amputee. And in this manner, we made our big mistake… (Read more and view comments at Forbes)

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One Response to What the World Got Wrong About Lance Armstrong and Oscar Pistorius

  1. “Should we be so thoroughly shocked…” It turns out that “we” doesn’t include me. I was never a fan of Armstrong, and even less so of Pistorius. Anyone who is shocked hasn’t studied much history. Jefferson owned slaves. Rousseau abandoned his children, so did Einstein. Countless honored priests of all religions sexually abused children. Notable charismatic leaders engaged in genocide. Nothing shocks me. Someone living on my block could be a murderer for all I know. So what does all this mean? That I’m cynical and untrusting? No, actually it simply means that I don’t worship anyone (especially celebrities), and see the good and bad, and this is the story of humanity.