Want to Learn How to Use Social Media?

twitterI am participating in a panel presentation, here at Duke University’s CIEMAS center, helping faculty think about when or whether to use social media to promote their work. I’ll be talking about blogging and tweeting and all that other stuff. Here are some details:

Duke faculty are invited to take part in a two-hour social media workshop organized by Duke’s Office of News & Communications (ONC) on Wednesday, Nov. 20 at 9 am.

ONC will open the session by introducing three Duke faculty members — Laurent Dubois, Robin Kirk and Peter Ubel  — who are regular users of social media tools such as blogs, Twitter and Facebook. They will describe their experiences with social media, including what has and hasn’t worked for them and how they’ve incorporated social media into their classes.

They will also address common questions from faculty, such as:

— Is it a good idea to use blogging and other social media to promote your scholarship, or just a trendy waste of time?

— How can social media enhance your research or teaching?

— What are the potential advantages and pitfalls of being online so publicly?

— How do you balance this activity with your other responsibilities?

Read more here:  http://today.duke.edu/2013/11/socialmediaworkshop13


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