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An Embarrassingly Unscientific New York Times Op-Ed on Music and Success

A recent New York Times op-ed by Joanne Lipman poses the question: “Is music the key to success?”  As a serious amateur musician, I have long credited my half-way respectable pianistic accomplishments to the discipline I gained practicing Chopin etudes, and even to … Continue reading

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Are You Smarter than a Radiologist?

Notice anything unusual about this CT scan? On the upper right side is an image of a gorilla. According to a new study, 83% of radiologists missed this image. They had been looking through a series of scans, looking for … Continue reading

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Daycare Versus Obamacare

According to a new study, daycare will increase your child’s health, intelligence and social development.  But do you think the study is scientifically rigorous enough to justify this conclusion?

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