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Full Disclosure: Out-of-Pocket Costs As Treatment Side Effects

Here is a link to an article I co-authored in the New England Journal this week, with Yousuf Zafar and Amy Abernethy. In the article, we urge physicians to talk about out-of-pocket costs with patients, given that these costs can … Continue reading

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The Critical Side Effect Doctors Aren't Discussing: Out-of-Pocket Costs

In this video, I talk about why doctors should talk to patients about out-of-pocket costs when evaluating treatment options.

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Does Larry Summers Have the Social Intelligence to Be Federal Reserve Chair?

I know, I know: I usually write about health and healthcare; why should anyone care about my opinion on whether Larry Summers should be Federal Reserve Chair? As it turns out, my work on doctor/patient communication has given me insight … Continue reading

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The Limits of Patient Empowerment

The video below is not super high quality, but it captures a talk I gave in Lima Peru recently, a very personal talk that also reveals some of the dangers of assuming that medical decision making will go swimmingly well … Continue reading

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Another Review of Critical Decisions

Here’s a link to a review of Critical Decisions published in a journal called Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. The reviewer had some nice things to say, but felt it wasn’t theoretical enough for his liking. Not surprising given that I … Continue reading

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Is It Hazardous to Guess Your Risk of Cancer?

In this two-minute video, I explained why it can be hazardous to take a guess at what your lifetime risk is of experiencing cancer. I describe a study I conducted with, among others, Angie Fagerlin. This is one of my … Continue reading

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Hear My Discussion with Joe and Terry Graedon on People's Pharmacy

Here is a link to a podcast of my recent appearance on People’s Pharmacy, an NPR show that hopefully reaches you where you live.  (If it doesn’t, you should ask your radio station to pick it up. It is a … Continue reading

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Review of Critical Decisions

“Revolutions are often fought over dichotomies—the king versus the people, the bourgeoisie versus the proletariat, and, of course, the autonomous patient versus the paternalistic doctor.” So observes Peter Ubel in the conclusion of Critical Decisions: How You and Your Doctor … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Hotline Reveals Widespread Communication Problem with Doctors

I got an email recently from someone who read Critical Decisions, and who said it resonated with her in part because of work she does with a breast cancer hot line. “I’ve been volunteering as a Helpline worker for Living … Continue reading

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The True Immoral Acts Behind The First "Test Tube Baby"

The first test tube baby was born July 25th, 1978 in the north of England.  Louise Brown was called the “baby of the century” by some and a “moral abomination” by others.  It wasn’t Brown who critics accused of being … Continue reading

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