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Orthopedic Surgeons Get “F” Grade On Knowing Cost Of The Devices They Implant

A new study asks Orthopedic surgeons to guess the price of the devices they implant – “the amount your institution currently pays the vendor for the implant.” Despite a lenient grading system, in which the researchers counted as correct any … Continue reading

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Is Medicare Being Too Generous To Rural Healthcare Providers?

  If you live in the rural U.S., you probably face relatively limited access to the wonders of American healthcare.  There won’t be as many physicians per capita offering you their services.  This paucity of healthcare professionals will be especially … Continue reading

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Medicaid Expansion/Lack of Expansion Plans: In A Map

For anyone interested in health policy, Sarah Kliff at the Washington Post has perhaps the most useful and informative blog to be found. Here’s a picture she posted recently, showing the status of state Medicaid programs, in a post exploring which … Continue reading

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How Long Will It Take to Get a Doctor’s Appointment?

A report on the Kaiser Family Foundation website shows how long it takes to get appointments with primary care doctors and subspecialists. The most dramatic finding comes out of Boston, where you can expect to wait more than two months … Continue reading

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Do People Move Across State Borders To Receive Generous Medicaid Benefits?

I teach an undergraduate health policy class at Duke University. Recently, my students asked me whether states potentially hurt themselves by offering generous health care benefits when neighboring states don’t offer such benefits. Then I got home and pulled out … Continue reading

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Setting Priorities in Targeting Health Care Quality

Measuring healthcare quality has become a veritable cottage industry. Quality measures are proliferating so quickly that the Department of Health and Human Services has created a, and I’m not making this up, “Quality Measures Clearinghouse”. At last count, it included … Continue reading

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Students Taking State Government to School?

Students at Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill just put together a very thoughtful proposal on how the state of North Carolina could expand its Medicaid program, while still promoting the private insurance market. Here’s a link to a wonderful … Continue reading

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Do Docs Spend More in McAllen, Texas Because People Who Live There Are Obese?

In a very influential 2009 New Yorker essay, Atul Gawande described why health care spending is rampant in McAllen, Texas, an example of the regional variations in healthcare utilization that policy experts at Dartmouth have been studying for years. Indeed, this … Continue reading

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The Biggest Government Health Care Spender Since LBJ Was…Ronald Reagan?

Many readers will recognize Ronald Reagan’s famous maxim that: “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”  Some will even recognize his vehement opposition to Lyndon Johnson’s Medicare proposal, before the program was passed into law: … Continue reading

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Good News on Healthcare Inflation

I have been worried about healthcare costs for a long time, so the fact that we’ve had a few years in which healthcare costs have risen more slowly than normal hasn’t got me overly excited. I’ve seen this happen before, … Continue reading

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