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People in the US Are Footing the Bill for Switzerland’s Medical Care

People have criticized The Affordable Care Act for amounting to a large transfer of wealth, from wealthy Americans to those not as well off. But the real transfer of wealth has been from United States to other developed nations, whose … Continue reading

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The Cost of Saying No to Medicaid Expansion

Here is a nice picture, from a HuffPo article , showing how much money states are losing by not expanding Medicaid in accordance with the Affordable Care Act: Not a small change, by any measure. Shows how much it means … Continue reading

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How Obamacare Helps Women

Here is a picture from a recent Atlantic article, showing that, pre-Obamacare implementation, women have more difficulty paying for medical care: The ACA should fix improve this situation, meaning Obamacare should help women more than men. (Click here to view … Continue reading

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Do Docs Spend More in McAllen, Texas Because People Who Live There Are Obese?

In a very influential 2009 New Yorker essay, Atul Gawande described why health care spending is rampant in McAllen, Texas, an example of the regional variations in healthcare utilization that policy experts at Dartmouth have been studying for years. Indeed, this … Continue reading

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Why You Should Know the Cost of Your Medical Treatments

Check out this WHYY Radio Times segment I participated in on health care price transparency: When it comes to the cost of treating an illness, do you know how much your care costs? Many experts believe if patients would be … Continue reading

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Good News on Healthcare Inflation

I have been worried about healthcare costs for a long time, so the fact that we’ve had a few years in which healthcare costs have risen more slowly than normal hasn’t got me overly excited. I’ve seen this happen before, … Continue reading

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Is the Profit Motive Ruining American Healthcare?

We all know that healthcare costs in the U.S. are too high.  But why is American healthcare so expensive?  Some experts blame the desire for profit.  Russell Andrews, a  neurosurgeon and author of Too Big To Succeed laments “the morphing of American medicine … Continue reading

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Why Price AND Utilization Matter

I’m-sure-you-know-this-by-now fact-of-the-day: the US leads the world in healthcare costs. As I’ve written previously, a big reason for this is that prices in the US for healthcare services are higher than elsewhere. This was nicely illustrated in a Health Affairs … Continue reading

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When It Came to Medicare Costs LBJ Concluded “What’s $400 Million Between Friends!”

Lyndon Johnson’s advisers were worried. They were drafting a Medicare proposal, a major component of Johnson’s war on poverty. But the cost of this program was turning out to be much larger than expected. By their estimates, in the first … Continue reading

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Outlier Nation: US Health Care Spending and Life Expectancy

There are many reasons that life expectancy is not a good measure of a health care system. For starters, how long people live is often more a function of public health systems then of medical care systems, with clean water … Continue reading

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