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Why Trumpcare Is DOA: It Doesn’t Address Outrageous Healthcare Prices

Paul Ryan is “excited” that the American Health Care Act, as Republicans call their bill, will trim the federal budget by several hundred billion dollars over the next decade. The 24 million people who are expected to lose insurance under … Continue reading

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Costs, Schmosts!

Talk to your doctor about your out-of-pocket expenses. Ask about the cost of your meds. And await for the sound of silence! Sadly, that is too often what happens in medical clinics today. Here is a nice essay, exploring the … Continue reading

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Medicare Is Reducing the Cost of Knee Replacements (Here’s How That Could Backfire)

Knee replacements are booming. Between 2005 and 2015, the number of knee replacement procedures in the United States doubled, to more than one million. Experts think the figure might rise sixfold more in the next couple decades, because of our … Continue reading

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Are Your Healthcare Prices Outrageous? Here’s What Happens When Prices Come Out Of The Dark

They both had shoulder pain, persistent despite weeks of physical therapy. Both received MRI examinations at reputable radiology facilities, looking for things like rotator cuff tears, labral disruptions and other anatomical abnormalities. What was different was the price they paid … Continue reading

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Rare Diseases Are Becoming Too Common. Sound Impossible? Here’s Why It’s Not

It is hard to make money treating rare diseases. There simply aren’t enough customers to generate many profits. That’s why the U.S. government passed the Orphan Drug Act in 1983, a law which created a series of incentives to encourage … Continue reading

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Americans Love Their Healthcare But Hate Their Healthcare System — Here’s Why

There’s lots to love about American healthcare. We have some of the best clinicians in the world, as evidenced by the huge number of people who come to the U.S. from other countries when they are sick. Yet the American … Continue reading

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Out Of Control Healthcare Spending

Wondering where all your spare cash is going lately? Probably to healthcare:  

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The Relentless Rise of Healthcare Expenditures

Need I say more?

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How to Figure Out the Cost of Your Medical Care

  Here is a link to an article from CBS News with some very practical advice on this thorny topic. I’m excited to say that some of our research on physician/patient communication was mentioned in the article. Enjoy it! If … Continue reading

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Out of Control Physicians: Too Many Doctors Doing Too Many Things to Too Many Patients

My father is 92 years old, and I am beginning to wonder whether the best thing for his health would be to stay away from doctors. That’s because well intentioned physicians often expose their elderly patients to harmful and unnecessary … Continue reading

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