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Am I Required to Buy Health Insurance?

Confused about whether you will need to buy health insurance under the Obamacare mandate?  Here is a chart from the Kaiser Foundation Family website that helps you sort things through: (Click here to view comments)  

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Do the Obamacare Subsidies Make the Individual Mandate Unnecessary?

Lost in all the confusion about Obamacare is the fact that the law relies on more than just the individual mandate to encourage people to buy health insurance. It also makes health insurance more affordable, especially for people at or … Continue reading

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Why We Need More Twelve-Year-Olds Teaching Health Policy

I come from an ardent Republican family.  Suspicion of government, you could say, runs in my genes.  No surprise then that the first time my parents and siblings heard about Obama’s individual health insurance mandate, they were against it… (Read … Continue reading

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A 12 Year Old Figures Out the Importance of the Health Insurance Mandate

See a video where I talk to my twelve year old son about health insurance, unrehearsed, and try to see whether he will be able to figure out the importance of the health insurance mandate. I think you will agree that this is an idea even a sixth grader can understand. Which is sad, because most people hold a strong opinion about this topic without grasping even it’s most basic strengths and weaknesses.

Now if the Obama team will work on helping American adults understand the benefits of getting everyone to get insurance!

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