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Beware of Large Pizza Slices!

Pizza is pizza, and a full stomach is a full stomach. But when restaurants slice pizza into smaller pieces, you are probably likely to consume less pizza:

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Action Movies Create Couch Potatoes

ICYMI: When people watch action movies, they consume more calories.

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Does Africa Have an Overeating Problem?

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Are You Overweight If Your Mom Thinks You Look Fine?

None of us view our children objectively. To a parent, Junior is always smarter, more talented and more attractive than objective evidence would indicate. But look at just how skewed parents’ views of their children are, when it comes to … Continue reading

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How Much Sugar Is in Your Beverage?

Here’s a display from an elementary school science fair, cleverly showing how much sugar various beverages contain:

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Is the Government Trying to Make Us Fat?

The FDA has proposed new labels on grocery store food products, that adjust serving sizes to more accurately capture what Americans eat. Research I conducted with Steven Dallas and Peggy Liu suggests these labels could be a problem. Here is … Continue reading

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The Harms of Believing in Exercise

Can beliefs make you fat? The answer to this question might seem pretty obvious. If I believe that the best way to lose weight is to super-size five meals a day at McDonald’s, while consuming bags of Doritos to tide … Continue reading

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Watch Out for Snack Food

People are correctly paying a great deal of attention to just how many calories it is possible to consume at American restaurants these days. The New York Times, in fact, recently showed just how many calories people typically consume at … Continue reading

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When Helpful Nudges Aren’t Helpful

Gerald Ashley (twitter handle @Gerald_Ashley) recently tweeted a photo of what was SUPPOSED to be a helpful nudge, reducing the odds that people would bump into each other going up and down the stairs. Can you see what might not … Continue reading

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The Things We Do To Lose Weight

Want to lose weight? Then what are you going to do to try to accomplish your goal? Specifically, what will you do to change your eating habits? Probably the best thing you can do – eating habit wise – to … Continue reading

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