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How Do Scientists’ Beliefs Differ from Those of Laypeople?

Do you think it is safe to eat genetically modified foods? I do, because I believe that most foods we eat have been genetically modified. Cows wouldn’t be cows if humans hadn’t changed them genetically, through breeding practices. That also … Continue reading

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Do People on the Right Feel Superior to Those on the Left?

Most of us have at least one cranky old relative who not only has stronger opinions than the rest of us, but is also convinced that those opinions are superior to ours.  Not just content to believe that, say, voter … Continue reading

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Broken Democracy

Until recently, the state of North Carolina, where I live, was a bastion of political moderation, especially compared to our neighbors in the southeast. Our politics were moderate in part because the Democratic Party remained relatively strong in the state, … Continue reading

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Cass Sunstein Takes on the Death Panel Myth

I wrote a while back about some research I conducted with Jason Reifler and Brendan Nyhan on how fact checking influences people’s belief in whether Obamacare created death panels, to decide which old or disabled peoples to kill.  Yesterday, Cass … Continue reading

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Abraham Lincoln on Perspective Taking

I write frequently about the importance of perspective taking in clinician/patient interaction. Seeing the world through other people’s eyes is also a crucial moral and political skill. No surprise then that Abe Lincoln showed great perspective taking abilities. Consider these … Continue reading

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Partisan Drift Over the Environment: Are Republicans Wandering Away from their Voters?

There’s a fascinating new analysis available, looking at parallels between the politics of health care and the environment. It is led by Theda Skocpol, a social scientist at Harvard (whose writing about health policy and the Tea Party are wonderful). … Continue reading

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How Screwed Up Does Health Care Need to Get Before We'll Fix It?

“We need to be screwed!” Not altogether surprising words to spill out of a college student’s mouth.  But this particular student was not talking about sex.  She was discussing the U.S. health-care system–more specifically what she thought it would take … Continue reading

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