Would Jesus’ Politics Be More Like Trump’s Or Nancy Pelosi’s?

To my liberal friends, Donald Trump’s polices are a moral abomination (not to mention, his own personal behavior which, of course, I just mentioned). To my conservative friends, Donald Trump and his policies are, quite literally, a godsend (as the press secretary made clear). Flip the topic to Nancy Pelosi, and you’ll find a similar divide. It is hard to distinguish what we think of her policies from our views of the morality of her liberal ideology.

These differences in moral attitudes lead to maddening conversations when people from opposite sides of the political spectrum find themselves debating politics. Would those disputes be more productive if we all took a step back and asked what God thinks of these policies? Sadly, no, as shown by a profound study led by one of my academic heroes, Lee Ross from Stanford University.

(To read the rest of the article, please visit Forbes).

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