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Sick To Debt

How Smarter Markets Lead To Better Care

ABOUT THE BOOK: The United States has the most expensive healthcare system in the world. While policy makers have argued over who is at fault for this, the system has been quietly moving toward high-deductible insurance plans that require patients to pay large amounts out of pocket before insurance kicks in. The idea behind this […]
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Critical Decisions

How You And Your Doctor Can Make The Right Medical Choices For You

ABOUT THE BOOK: We’ve all been there, sitting uncomfortably in a paper gown as a doctor impassively describes our prognosis. Sometimes it’s simple and treatable. Other times we get news we can’t fathom and then are faced with decisions that are literally life and death. In this revolutionary book, physician, behavioral scientist, and bioethicist Peter […]
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Free Market Madness

Why Human Nature Is At Odds With Economics - And Why That Matters

ABOUT THE BOOK: We humans aren’t entirely rational creatures. We decide to roll over and hit the snooze button instead of going to the gym, then fret over our health insurance payments. We take out home loans we can’t possibly afford. We live hours away from our jobs when fee time is our most valued […]
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You’re Stronger Than You Think

Tapping Into The Secrets Of Emotionally Resilient People

ABOUT THE BOOK: What would it be like to suddenly lose the ability to walk or see? How would it feel to experience an unexpected divorce or the loss of a child? When asked to imagine such situations, most people cannot fathom finding happiness again. Yet millions not only survive such traumas, they thrive. Their […]
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Pricing Life

Why It's Time For Healthcare Rationing

ABOUT THIS BOOK: Although managed health care is a hot topic, too few discussion focus on health care rationing—who lives and who dies, death versus dollars. In this book physician and bioethicist Peter A. Ubel argues that physicians, health insurance companies, managed care organizations, and governments need to consider the cost-effectiveness of many new health […]