Coverage That Kills – Breast Cancer Care Is Undermined By High Deductible Health Plans

There are so many awful things about breast cancer. Here are two of them. (1) Receiving a diagnosis when your cancer is already advanced; (2) Not having enough money to pay for your treatment. 


Here is an awful thing about high deductible health plans: They delay breast cancer diagnosis and get in the way of proper breast cancer care. 


We should all be bothered by high deductible health plans. For starters, the deductibles are often too high. For individual coverage, it’s increasingly common for people to face deductibles of $2,000 or more. For families, deductibles can exceed $6,000. To make matters worse, high deductible plans often burden people with other out-of-pocket. Add in these copays, and a family could face more than $13,000 of out of pocket expenses on top of their insurance premiums. 


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