Free Markets – Madness or Miraculous?

Recently, I got an incredibly nice email from a complete stranger. It began like this:

“I am an Economics teacher in England and have just finished reading your wonderful book ‘Free Market Madness’.

When you write a book that only 5 people read, it is nice that at least one person thinks it is wonderful. Anyway, the email continued:

“I know I am about 9 years behind the curve with this one, especially as I am also a great proponent of the ideas advanced by behavioural economists. Your book was referenced in Ha-Joong Chang’s great book ’23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism’ and I found it on Amazon with an American bookseller.”

Holy crap—it has been nine years?!?

“Given one of the themes of your book, how consumers can be misled by corporations, it is ironic that Amazon has connected me (a consumer who wanted your book) with a buyer half way around the world (who wanted to sell your book). I think I am also sufficiently savvy to be aware of how the algorithms used by Amazon also attempt to get me to buy other stuff.”

Wow—a “buyer half way around the world?” Does that mean he bought a USED copy? Oh well, at least I have these words as consolation:

“From our perspective in England it is reassuring to read work from people like yourself – balanced, informative, well-researched and discursive – given the trends we witness with the rise of populist and extremist support both in the US, our own country and across the world generally. I am thoroughly enjoying the work you blog and put online, and once again would like to thank you for enlightening the world with your thoughts and contributions.”