Great Writing through Analogy

Robert Ballard TitanicEvery once in a while on my blog, I like to highlight great writing. In part, I guess, because my own writing has yet to rise to such a level.
Anyways, here’s Robert Ballard in the Smithsonian trying to help readers understand why the topography of the ocean simply can’t be appreciated if you rely solely on satellite imagery:

Even these seemingly precise representations, often based on satellite estimates of ocean depths, are not all that revealing. They’re rather like throwing a wet blanket over a table set for a fancy dinner party. You might see the outlines of four candelabras surrounded by a dozen chairs, perhaps some drinking glasses if the blanket’s really wet. But that’s about it. You wouldn’t see the utensils and plates, let alone what’s for dinner.

That’s not only a brilliant analogy; it also makes me hungry!

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