Health Care Under the Ryan Budget

Recently, Congressman Paul Ryan put together another budget balancing proposal. It has received a lot of attention in the news, even though it is as likely to be enacted as is the Senate Democrat alternative– in other words, it won’t be enacted. Nevertheless, for those of you interested in healthcare and healthcare policy, here’s a summary from the Washington Post of what the Ryan plan would mean for different parts of the budget. Medicaid jumps out from this graph, as a program that would take a huge hit.

And there are many government programs that are not reduce significantly under the Ryan plan. Look, for example, at this figure from the Atlantic website.
I have written a lot about the importance of trying to control healthcare costs. But I don’t think it’s fair to disproportionately achieve the savings among the poorest of our citizens, while sparing government programs that deserve at least as much scrutiny as Medicaid.
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