Not the Media Coverage I Expected


I was recently quoted in an article about opioid addiction in what looks like a far-right website. Not surprisingly, they took my quote out of context. They quote me, quoting some other people I disagree with, and then use that as evidence for the thing I quote.
Here’s an excerpt of the article in case you are interested in it:

Why is opioid use skyrocketing among youth and our nation? There are a host of reasons, including a few valid ones like genuine chronic pain relief. But among those reasons that are invalid is a restless, weak, discontent and hedonistic nation unable to weather tough times and difficulty without an instant high or stress and pain reliever – a “happiness pill.”
Dr. Peter Ubel, a physician and behavioral scientist, posits this explanation: “Even though many addicts are miserable, this misery doesn’t mean that their use of heroin or crack is irrational. As Becker and Murphy put it: ‘People often become addicted precisely because they are unhappy. However, they would be even more unhappy if they were prevented from consuming the addictive goods.’”
If a lack of happiness is contributing to the core of addictions to opioids and other drugs – and I believe it is – then I highly encourage people everywhere to master the art of being happy and content by reading the bestselling book, “Happiness,” by my friend and prolific author, Randy Alcorn. (It’s available right now at half off through his website.)
“Happiness” is one ginormous resource to discover yours and others’ true happiness and regain health and balance in our souls, households, communities and nation. I also encourage people to listen to Randy’s Happiness audio and video messages, and check out the resources on his Happiness blog, where his series of Happiness articles are available free of charge.
In light of the epidemic drug use in our nation, Randy couldn’t have put it better when he addressed how we are hardwired for happiness but with one serious flaw: “I argue in the book the problem isn’t they’re trying to be happy. Rather, God wired us to seek happiness. The problem is we seek happiness in the wrong places …”
America’s founders also knew this key to human happiness. It is the reason they embedded in our nation and our founding document the words: We are “endowed by [our] Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
Now, that’s a happiness we can stand on, will strengthen our country and will also lower addiction rates and death sentences from opioids.

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