Another Review of Critical Decisions

Here’s a link to a review of Critical Decisions published in a journal called Theoretical Medicine and Bioethics. The reviewer had some nice things to say, but felt it wasn’t theoretical enough for his liking. Not surprising given that I wrote the book for a general audience, and not for an academic one. But this kind of review does motivate me to try to write some more¬†spin-off¬†articles, aimed at academic audiences, to go into some of the theoretical issues I raise in Critical Decisions in a more thorough, and academic manner. Good to remember in the meantime: writers have to know their audience. And my goal in writing Critical Decisions was to reach a broad one, not just an academic one.


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  1. dorothy says:

    Husband’s LDL was a little high. Nevermind that he doubled his HDL by taking fish oil, the doctor insisted on statins. So husband did research and showed her that the NCEP guidelines for him (Framingham risk score of 4%) do not call for statins. Her response: I am uncomfortable that you are micromanaging me.

    So. If we gave her your book, would it sink in? She’s not a dinosaur, she’s in her 40s! According to my memory of your book, she should have been taught in accordance with patient being involved in decision making.

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