My Teaching - Peter Ubel

You thought I’d start out with a list of my courses? Not gonna happen. The courses I teach are simply the means to an end. To several ends.

I love to teach because:

  • Teachers have changed my life!
    • So I want to return the favor.
  • Teaching keeps me learning
    • And not just from preparing syllabi
    • But by interacting with smart students
  • Teaching keeps me young
    • My students might beg to differ!

My goal in teaching is:

  • To shake up people’s world-views
    • Same goal I have in blogging, writing books, …
  • To take complex ideas and reveal their underlying simplicity

OK: Some of my courses

  • Fuqua School of Business: “Bootcamp” – Intro to Healthcare Markets
  • Sanford School of Public Policy: Exploring Healthcare Consumerism
    In recent years, an increasing number of Americans have enrolled in high out-of-pocket insurance plans, part of a worldwide trend towards leveraging the power of consumer behavior to transform healthcare markets. In this course, we will explore healthcare consumerism in the U.S., learning about the ways people choose insurance plans, the ways patients and clinicians make healthcare decisions, and the business challenges and opportunities that arise because of healthcare consumerism.
  • Sanford School of Public Policy: Behavioral Economics and Public Policy
  • This course explores the forces that interfere with optimal consumer decisions. The emphasis in this course will be on exploring what the proper response to consumer related market failure should be – from businesses and governments. Questions we will explore include: What does consumer irrationality mean for the ethical duties of marketers and of consumer goods companies? What does it mean for the proper role of regulation in the consumer economy? How are governments trying to use insights from behavioral economics to inform their regulations? Are these approaches too heavy-handed or too-hands-off? How should business leaders respond to these ideas and policies?