Who Should Decide Who Gets a Transplant?

Watch this segment from HuffPo Live on two children denied transplants because they were not deemed mentally capable enough to benefit.  Two angry moms are fighting back.  Love to hear your thoughts.  

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Inappropriate Touching in the Doctor's Office

I felt a woman’s uterus without her permission. How this happened, and why I thought I had done the right thing at the time, tells us something important about medical education and shows us why doctor/patient interactions often play out like conversations between earthlings and aliens… (Read the rest and view comments at Critical Decisions)

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Neonatal ethics and the Catholic Church

Interesting to see a Catholic scholar’s take on a recent issue of a pediatric journal which discussed the ethics of caring for seventy disabled newborns. I contributed an essay, and the Catholic blogger somehow concluded that most of the contributors were atheists or agnostics.
Here is the link to the post.

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Whose Life Would You Save?

WHYY in Philadelphia has a report out on a new study I participated in, led by my good friend Scott Halpern. The study revealed the strange lengths to which physicians will go to help their patients, even if it hurts other patients. To see what Scott and I have to say, click on this link.

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Federalizing Medicaid

Here is a new post I’ve got up at the Health Care Cost Monitor, in which I try to convince folks that even Republicans should be in favor of federalizing Medicaid. I’d love your feedback, as I’m still developing this idea.

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When Medicaid doesn't pay

Here is a link to a Marketplace report that discusses the Obama administration’s efforts to keep states from trimming their Medicaid budgets by cutting doctor payments, to the point where patients have insurance but no doctors would be willing to care for them. I am quoted early on, the first broadcast in which I have been able to spout the phrase “dirty, naughty.”

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