Video Discussion of Healthy Eatin'

It is gratifying to occasionally see some of my blog posts picked up and developed by other folks, to spread the word about the topics I care about. Here is a blog post, and a video, that expands on one of my recent Forbes essays.

Increase sales, add excitement to the store, and you’re set. Easy. But a column by Peter Ubel on discusses how one’s willpower effects how a person responds to the taste of food. Grasping this concept in full just may change the ways in which stores offer food samples to influence customers –– and make them more effective in the end.
Ubel writes that there’s a trade-off consumers are faced with when deciding what to eat. Some foods are bad for our health but satisfy us with their taste. All of us have limited willpower, and when we’re exhausted, unhealthier foods become more difficult to resist.
Think about it: How many shoppers are exercising their best willpower when they’re rushing up and down the aisles of their local grocery store?

To read the rest of this article please visit, Progressive Grocer.

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