What Socialized Medicine Would Mean for Your Health

photocredit: Getty

Americans are not fans of socialized medicine. Sure, some people want socialized healthcare payment, including many people who are fans of Medicare for All. But even most Bernie Sanders supporters probably aren’t in favor of socializing the entire U.S. healthcare system, thereby making hospitals and medical clinics into government property. Americans are proud of the high quality of care offered by non-government providers, from their local community hospitals to places like the Mayo Clinic. Many are afraid that if doctors and nurses become government employees, the quality of their care would erode.
But a recent study of patients with kidney failure highlights the possibility that, at least for some people, socialized medical care is higher quality than private care.
The study looked at military veterans whose kidneys were failing, so much so that they might soon need dialysis. The research team, out of Stanford University, looked at how these veterans fared based on whether they received care in the VA system or at private clinics and hospitals.
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